Establishing A Cleaning Routine for Your Home with FREE Workbook

Establishing A Cleaning Routine for Your Home with FREE Workbook

My dear reader, Spring has fully arrived in Central Illinois! Flowers are blooming, trees are budding, birds are singing, and everything is green again. This fervor of new life and buzzing energy always gets me into a Spring cleaning mood. This year I wanted to do more than just an overwhelming overhaul of deep cleaning in my home. Instead, I want to create a cleaning routine that I can sustain throughout the year so my Spring and Fall cleaning won’t be the ordeal it seems to always be.

Historically speaking, there were handfuls of household management manuals from the 19th century that would help the housewife or the housekeeper run the home smoothly, and sometimes they would include a rather vague cleaning, or task, routine. Looking at the 20th century, it’s a bit easier to find the ‘ideal’ routine for a housewife, especially from the 1950’s era. These lists can be daunting with the number of tasks a single woman was supposed to complete by herself each and every day.

Instead of following a vintage routine, I wanted to take the time to make a cleaning schedule that best suited my home and family. I invite you to do the same! To help, I made a small workbook (under 20 pages) to walk you through the 5 steps I took to make my own cleaning routine.

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