A Debut of Sorts

I have been at this point in my life before, on the edge of beginning a new blog, ready to publish the first post, terrified I won’t succeed (again), and worried this blog will have a short life like the 5+ill-fated blogs before it. And yet I make the attempt once more, sure of my tenacity to succeed and stick to it this time.

So here I go on this journey, and I hope with all my being that you, dear reader and friend, will join me along the way.

The intention of this blog is to delve into the domestic side of history and see how the ordinary person went about their day. As a stay-at-home mom and a homemaker, I feel compelled to research the lives of the women who came before me in this honorable, yet under appreciated, profession.

So, my dear reader, let us walk this path together, hands clasped tight, as we bring a part of the past into our home and daily life.

– Bethany

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